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Data ingestion in Algonox Cognitive Engine (ACE)

April, 2021

Typically the ingestion sources will be those from within the organisation and these would be of known formats and structures and those from outside the organisation which will be of varying formats and structures. The latter, in most cases, will require further processing before they go to the next automation step.

The documents-sources of data, come in thro’ a variety of channels: email with attachments, faxes, from folders, portals and the web and from various databases.

Ingestion is one key and important feature and ACE does this automatically, effortlessly and accurately. Be it in real time and ‘ on the fly’ or in batches based on the current work practices as the solutions gets deployed on premises or on the cloud.

It also involves either a data feed on demand or the engine looks up the sources and secures the data. Speed of ingestion in such a disparate scenario is also an important facet for efficient automation.

This first step is critical in the automation workflow and ACE does it:


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