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How do we measure the benefits of automation?

September, 2021

Automating this process was an absolute waste!
Was it, really – I retorted, half-agitated and half-amused.

This was the summary put forth by our client. After an hour-long debate on what we could achieve through automation in Invoice processing.

The ‘open secret’ is that businesses aim to cut costs via automation, mainly through effort savings. Hence, there is the constant pressure to prove the business case as soon as we go live. Familiar territory for me. And there is a way in which we can comfort the customer.

Automation is a step towards process improvement.
When we view any process end to end, you get Leverage to resolve your pain and amplify the gain, manifold.

Let us briefly view Invoice processing in this context -

Easy collaboration and handoffs greatly improve effectiveness of the end-to-end process. Clients can see improved throughput and higher accuracy as an immediate impact of automation – this is only a bird’s eye-view. Each of these legs can be zoomed in to find these answers. The only shift needed is a different perspective. We at Algonox specialize in bringing that shift.

Quick note – We are experts on End to End Automation.

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