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David Takes On Goliaths - Developing a Winning Mindset

August, 2021

We at Algonox are inspired by great stories of courage and bravery. We will always take a leaf out of them to draw lessons and put them to action as we strive to makes ourselves a preferred partner for cognitive automation solutions.

Most would have read the heroic Biblical tale of ‘ David and Goliath’. It exemplifies a ‘do-or-die come what may attitude’ in the face of certain defeat. It is against all these odds that the ‘smart’ folks endeavor and win.

At Algonox , we love competition and we have a healthy respect for our competitors. We understand them well in order to overcome them and also learn from our victories ( and sometimes losses too!)

An underdog situation spurs us all the more with a ‘why can’t we’ attitude. After all every Goliath started small and grew into a giant.

And finally, like our great Women’s Hockey Team, coming up 4th in the Tokyo Olympics is also like getting the GOLD. There is fun in taking on Goliaths and it is not just about WINNING!

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