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Regulatory Compliance Automation

June, 2021

Regulatory compliance requires meeting the conditions set by regulators in countries. Regulatory compliance requirements have to be met by businesses that come under their purview. Quite a few sectors come under the ambit of regulatory compliance , but a very important one is the pharmaceutical sector.

At Algonox , early in our pursuits, we realised that this is one area that holds immense promise for the adoption of business process automation.

The very nature of the this work requires : high volumes of continuous communications with various stakeholders, timely submittals of drug approval applications and other regulatory documentation, no scope for errors considering the IPR requirements, attendant and high quality patent related research, tracking of various regulatory bodies such as FDA, EMA, TGA, Health Canada for regular & timely updates.

One of the top pharmaceutical companies in the world invited Algonox to map their current regulatory compliance and drug approval/enforcement processes and suggest innovative automation solutions.

For an interactive discussion on this and other use cases that have been implemented, please contact: Vishwanath.m@algonox.com

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