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Capture & Enrich Secondary Sales Data with Automation

July, 2021

Even today capturing secondary sales orders is a challenge for most organizations. The OEMs do not have visibility because Distributors do not share their order information with OEMs Sales Representatives who take orders from Retailers still log orders on a paper or through an application (order management or point of sales) that works independently.

Why is capturing secondary sales important for companies?

Our proprietary AI-based Automation Platform, AlgonoX Cognitive Engine (ACE), comes with Ionic Data Extraction Module that can extract data from sources such as the scanned document, digitally created documents, Excel sheets, etc. provide them in a structured format as the output.

It comes with smart workflow and rule builder that can use this data and create an MIS for your team to analyze and make strategic decisions. Using this you can achieve any or all of the above benefits that Secondary Sales has to offer to any organization.

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