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Teamwork is the only way you win

August, 2021

Working individually and working in a team are two different ball games. Individually, you might perform well, but I say with 50% less effort, you will double your performance with your team.
Here are Hacks I like to quote both from my personal and professional experience.

Your Squad Synergy: This is the most important element of the team, the Synergy you have with the team you are working with, which includes understanding your team, their strength, and weakness. Post that understanding how you place your member according to their skill set is how you build synergy. How you make sure it synchronized you with all. It builds synergy and the basics " trust each other"

The Perfect IGL: (Your In-Game Leader): A team is nothing but a group of individuals if you don’t have a leader to direct you towards your end goal. The Perfect IGL is the one who becomes your strength when you need them, the one who will fill the shoe if needed. Let's take an example. In sales, we have a team target and we have our own Individual Targets. Every team has some performers and some weaklings. The IGL would be the person to fill the gap and motivate and work together to achieve the targets. He/she should be ready always to fold up the sleeves and get on the ground to pull the team up and reach Your end GOAL of Winning.

Grind Session: We have always learned "practice makes a man perfect". That is very much true folks and I am not bluffing. Grind, for me, is working hard to make yourself the best in your work. If you are good at something, become the best. Grinding makes things smooth and perfect. Work as a team, practice hard, and make yourself perfect in what you do.

At last the Perfect team: Now when you have the team synergy and you are all synchronized you have identified your IGL (your leader) and you are grinding as a team to become perfect. The result would be wonderful and you might lose some time, but winning would be much bigger and motivating. And once the team gets the TASTE OF WINNING BLOOD. Now one can stop you.

I hope this Hack would be helpful and this is what we have been doing as a team in the organization and so far it's very well working for us.

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