Multi-source Data Ingestion

Auto ingestion of data from multiple data sources like Shared folders, Email boxes, Web portals, Scanner, SFTP

Document Classification
Classification of documents based on structural layout, semantic similarity and rules into Invoices, Checks, License doc, Tax document etc.
Case Creation

Intelligent assembly of relevant Documents into unique case based on content, file nomenclature, and business rules

Data Transformation
Data transformation on top of Extracted and validated data based on configurable Business rules which includes arithmetic operations, string comparisons and reconciliations
Data Validation

Automated validation of extracted Data with user defined rules against Configured Databases and other data sources

Data Extraction
Automatic extraction of required data from all structured, unstructured data Sources of a case upon minimal user based training

Configurable workflow and UI engines for Manual verification of cases processed by analyst or any other user defined role

Output Export
The final output in structured format can be exported to file storage repos, Databases, RPA systems in Excel, API, JSON or any other compliant format
Monitoring Insights

Multiple out of the box dashboards For Process Monitoring and Audit trail with other customizable Metrics for key insights required for business users