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We are global cognitive automation company creating new possibilities with data through digitization, automation and enterprise intelligence. We innovate new ways to automate complex business processes through our path breaking automation platform ACE

We Are Best Known For

Zero Touch Automation

Directing Business Strategy

Improved Operational Efficiencies

Customer Experience Excellence

Our Unique Use Cases

Customer Refund-Payment Processing


Extraction and fund management



Finance & Accounting

Invoice Processing

Finance & Accounting

QA and QC automation


Sorting Process


Credit Identification


Cognitive Workflow

Compliance and Regulatory

We Make Your Expectations Meet, Experience New Age Automation through, Add Intelligence to your Business through

Excellence,Algonox Cognitive Engine,Algonox Cognitive Engine

Algonox Cognitive Engine-ACE

Leading-edge cognitive automation platform that understands un-structured data. ACE automates ingestion, extraction and evaluation of any data type rapidly and securely. ACE solution is blend of machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms bundled to provide highly optimized business processes.

Functional Features

Cognitive Capture

Automatically classifies, extracts, validates and direct business critical data, from various operational processes

Case management

Classification done for pre-define document sets for specific processes, meeting business rules

Image enhancement

Auto crop, background whitening, image quality assessment features provided to improvise images

Business rules

Fully configurable feature which enables creation of conditional or arithmetic operations

Multiple input & output

Can integrate multiple input sources and multiple output sources meeting the requirement

On the fly learning

Domain agnostic training engine which can process various documents

Recommendation Engine

Suggests the user any key information missing from data sources, based on historical data processed

Prioritization Engine

Several cases can be configured to be processed within each use case with varying order of priority basis SLAs

Technical Features

Multi Language Support

Handles different languages. With variation across English, Arabic and Mandarin languages

MIS reporting

Tools help analyze document processing flow, ensure optimization of business process

Scalable Architecture

Through micro-service architecture, all functionalities can be integrated in plug & play mode

Process Agility

We provide you automation core and backend processes by scaling up through RPA

Flexible Implementation

ACE is flexible to be deployed over cloud as well as on premise

System Compatibility

Integrates with various upstream and downstream process IT systems

Multi Tenancy

Cloud based instance supporting multiple clients from one platform

Trusted environment

Military-grade encryption for data protection, https for protection against malicious attacks

How It Works

We Promise To Deliver

Higher Returns

Rapid and easy to scale implementation Reusable frameworks, components and libraries Fast value realization with processes automated with pace and scale

automation benefits

Assured Delivery

Scientifically proven approach to Cognitive Automation Industry best practices to implement E2E cognitive solutions Best talent pool from premiere institutes, equipped with cross-domain knowledge

projects delivered within TAT


Institutionalization through Automation Centers Of Excellence Risk mitigation and governance Flexible model: Raise at required pace and plan as per the demand

customers with multiple licenses

Deep Learning

Algorithms to classify document type and case creation


To detect different templates with a document type

computer vision

Most advanced algorithms to extracttable level information


Extracts information from free flowing text such as emails

machine learning

Accelerates information processing using historical data

Our Use cases

Project Example
  • Confirmations &pre/post matching
  • Customer onboarding
  • Loan applications
  • Receipt processing
  • Trade Finance Validations
Project Example
  • Billings & claims management
  • Insurance processing
  • Reports Automation
  • Healthcare provider sentiment
  • Risk Assessment
Project Example
  • Sales order processing
  • Parts requests from customers
  • Remittance processing
  • Bills of Material Generation
  • Process Optimization
Project Example
  • Immigration applications
  • Passport management applications
  • Contract administration
  • Tax Calculation
  • Audit intelligence systems
Project Example
  • Aircraft scheduling
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Social media - consumer feedback
  • Customer complaint resolution
  • Traffic pattern and congestion
Project Example
  • Predictive inventory analytics
  • Market segmentation&targeting
  • Customer ROI and lifetime value
  • Fare audit
  • Passenger revenue accounting
  • Project Example
  • Purchase Management
  • Quality Reporting
  • SLA Monitoring
  • Bill generation/invoicing
  • Periodic Report Preparation
  • Project Example
    • Employee onboarding
    • HR records processing
    • Travel & Expense Management
    • Exit Management
    • Offer Letter Administration

    Our Team

    Inspired by Purpose, Driven by Passion

    Niraj Kothari

    Chief Operations and Financial Officer

    Anil Guduru

    Chief Executive Officer

    Rahul Saxena

    Chief Technology Officer

    Vishwanath M

    Chief Sales Officer

    Satadru Biswas

    Head, BD - APAC

    Bharat V

    Product Manager

    Sandeep Kota

    Presales Lead

    Umakanth E

    Sr Data/Solution Architect


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