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Algonox Cognitive Engine

Automate any process end-to-end rapidly with ACE
Algonox Cognitive Engine, our low-code Enterprise AI platform.

One-stop platform for all your process automation needs

Our customers are ahead of all their peers in technology enabled revenue growth and cost optimizations

ACE is used globally in top companies across industries

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Good bye robots.
Hello intelligent apps.


Configure multiple data sources, document types, or both

Supports a wide range of data input channels such as Email, FTP server, Scanning stations, RDBMS, APIs, and RPA bots to fetch unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data into ACE

Millions of records in minutes

Leverages Spark big data framework to ingest millions of records at a lightning speed

Out of the box connectors

For Outlook client, SFTP, SQL server, and other RDBMS

3rd party integrations

With APIs and RPA bot integrations for any up-stream transaction systems


Capture key information from any document or data source

Ionic extraction leverages the world’s most advanced Machine learning and Computer vision algorithms to provide you with industry-leading accuracy on any document type

Multiple OCRs and Parsers

Industry-leading extraction accuracy across PDFs, Scanned assets/images, and Emails

Intuitive Training module

Easy yet powerful tools to setup and train any kind of document optimizing for the highest accuracy

Continuous learning

Our machine learning algorithms take user feedback and improve under the hood every single day


Performs aggregation, transformation, validation, reconciliation, or anything else that you’d like to do with your data. Literally

Powerful modules such as Smart flows (BPMN 2.0), Business Rules Engine (DMN 1.3), Lucid Reconciliations available at the tap of a button to perform their magic. Day in, day out.

Automate any workflow, visually.

Business teams can design end-to-end automation of their processes leveraging the BPMN 2.0 visual tools.

Automate decisioning, rules & much more.

Configure and automate rules or decision trees within each process.

Configure to your needs, or use out-of-the-box.

Leverage out-of-the-box workflows to automate your process or configure to tailor to your needs. Truly flexible.


Send validated and structured data into any format.

Connect ACE with any downstream transaction system such as SAP, Oracle, or custom system with out-of-the-box APIs or RPA bot connectors.

Multi-format support

Download output directly in an Excel, JSON, CSV or XML formats.

Instabolt Reports

Configure and generate reports on transaction data and processing data. Or schedule them in your inbox.

Leadership dashboards

Configure unique dashboards accessible to your team or your leadership.

Scalable. Built on Microservices architecture, enabling horizontal scaling and quick new features addition

Configurable. Low code and configurable through and through- from user layout to process workflows

Flexible. Offers On-prem, On-cloud, Managed service deployments

Fastest ROI. 4 week deployment with  highest yield in ROI


Choose any from 100+ Microservices.
Enable end-to-end automation today.

Read what our customers say about ACE

The ultimate testimony to our tech expertise on solving the most complex problems

VP, Finance
India’s top 3 BPO company

'ACE optimized our entire Procure to Pay cycle by reducing paper use and delivering a significant reduction in manual and repetitive work. Our team is delighted to use it day in, day out'

Top US based AMC

ACE eliminated 90% of manual work in our Invoice processing. No SLA breaches and accuracy errors anymore. We solved our never-ending backlog issue once and for all.

Automation COE
India’s top 3 Pharma company

'We picked ACE after an exhaustive analysis of leading competing products for workflow automation across our critical communications processes. ACE has delivered on all fronts and now we’re in plans to extend it to multiple teams to achieve similar benefits'

Leadership Team
India’s Top 3 Bank

We started with a pilot on ACE for automating our credit risk management process. The results it delivered were very enticing that we went ahead and rolled-out multi-phase full-fledged implementation in a record time. We are currently automating 5 other processes as I speak with ACE

Transformation Lead
India’s top 2 Mutual Fund TA

ACE is at the heart of our largest automation initiative around Reconciliations. With this Industry first platform we were able to rapidly scale the automation drive across all our managed funds. The benefits so far have been pretty stellar!

Sr. Director
Leading EU ITES Company

ACE replaced our existing automation tool in P2P across EU geographies. We got 2x accuracy and achieved end-to-end automation. It is quite a complex and challenging process and I consider it a remarkable achievement for my team.

Use cases


Stock statements automation

Loan approval using AI ML

Mortgage Loan processing automation

Bank Reconciliation process

Finance & Accounting

Accounts Payable Automation

Tax Deductions and TDS Reconciliations

Forecast Vs Actual analysis for Expense, revenue and cash

Investment Management automation

Financial Services

Mutual Fund Reconciliation

Fraud Detection

Automation of KYC and AML

Underwriting support & Contract Management


Price Forecasting and analytics

ERP Database update and reporting automation

Automating Route creation using AIML

Order / Inventory  tracking

More use cases

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