Hyperautomation Pharmacovigilance Solution

With PVAutomate, you can redefine how you interact with your pharmacovigilance data. Use it to streamline workflows and regain control over your processes.

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PVAutomate is a market-leading solution providing a seamless contact-centered process, limiting manual inputs while optimizing your revenue cycle. Get started with our hyperautomation solution today and improve operational efficiency. Eliminate errors while reducing processing time.

PVAutomate limits the amount of human interaction needed for exception handling, quality checks, and reviews. The process utilizes bots to capture information from FDA 3500 AER forms and converts unstructured data into a standardized structure.

Additionally, by leveraging the Algonox platform's data analytics capabilities, trends in safety can be identified across different patient populations.

The one-stop hyperautomation solution
to improve quality and efficiency.

By leveraging IPA, PVAutomate improves patient engagement and productivity in healthcare, thereby benefiting healthcare providers with ROI and overall cost reduction.

Automated AE
Case processing
Enhanced operational
Audit ready

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