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Shine bright like diamonds!

June, 2021

When we founded Algonox our vision was to build world class technology product solutions to Indian corporates. Who do we enlist for the job. Indian talent comes in different forms and shapes. While we got the best people from IITs and IIMs help us in building the extremely challenging products, we realized there were lot more stellar performances from technology and B school graduates from other colleges. That understanding enabled us to create a team with diverse backgrounds and from different cities. With a great orchestration of the teams by our conductor Rahul Saxena today we are delivering cutting edge solutions to top banks, Pharma, auditing and IT consulting majors on our core AI platform ACE - Algonox Cognitive Engine.

Most of the fresh graduates who join Algonox are put through a rigorous product implementation journey under the guidance of accomplished senior product team mentors. Further, after one year of learning and facing multiple customers in the implementation journey, the now experienced workforce is moved into core product roles. We have seen fresh graduates winning awards in the best supporting technologist role to moving to the best technologist role in less than 2 years.

The education taught in engineering and business schools is not sufficient for today’s corporate world and the graduates come out with much less than the must required skills. However what certainly these graduates bring to table is passion to learn under the correct guidance and boldness to take up challenging tasks.

True to our commitment in our 4 years journey we have delivered our vision of building world class solutions to MNCs and it’s a bliss to watch our young stars have tech enabled business scaling discussions with corporate honchos of India.

If youngsters have the correct ingredients of passion, boldness and perseverance then lack of fluent English communication, lack of IIT or IIM brand cannot stop them from shining bright like diamonds!

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