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Startup Saga Mindset – Being Nimble and Passionate

August, 2021

In the years of travelling down the startup road , the journey hasn’t lost its charm and the excitement continues.

Small or big, simple or complex; custom automation solutions need deeper understanding of the processes intended to be automated. Being open minded is very essential as the solution architects go thro’ the discovery phase in full confidence with the customers. In most cases that would mean ‘going out of the way’ to accommodate specific nuances that could have been missed or overlooked during this initial phase. Not to be confused with change requests that go beyond the agreed scope.

This would call for a quick response going beyond mutual acceptance of the proposed changes for a better ‘solution fit’. Easier said than done considering the organizational inertia and resistance to change.

Not with Algonox! That is not in our DNA and we just cannot afford to cut corners. We have seen for ourselves how such a receptive attitude is winning our customers’ minds and hearts. How they repose further trust in us - spurring us even more to offer a delightful customer experience.

In our sales pursuits we are often asked “ how is Algonox different?”
Well, I just answered it!
And this is just one difference among many.

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