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What draws smart engineers to Algonox?

September, 2021

Fresh out of college and time to weigh your options. What are those key and deciding factors that will not only allow you to sprint but make you a marathon winner in your careers?

At Algonox you will have the freedom to follow your passion in an open and caring work culture that will drive you to outperform-ably supported by other experienced colleagues, starting with the CEO and CTO themselves, who will be more of mentors than bosses. You will be a part of the innovation team that is always bubbling with out-of-the-box ideas. The best ideas progress in the product development or project delivery journeys. Recognition of such ideas and seeing them being implemented is the best credit one can get.

Our start up story has literally passed the test of fire. When marquee , world’s leading companies place their bets on us, we feel we have the best certificate ever. It is no mean feat when Algonox is asked to study existing processes, workflows, attendant IT systems and enabling infrastructure and come up with comprehensive and novel automation solutions. We deliver on that customer confidence reposed in us!

The pleasure of being complimented by the customer is just one (but important) part of contributing in Algonox. Acknowledging and giving wide internal publicity too comes about quickly! Next, the work itself is made exciting enough to get your creative juices flow. We, at Algonox, believe that we have to continuously challenge ourselves. Being a Cognitive Automation Product company- that is one of our core values.

At an initial or early stage in a career, we believe in providing an enabling platform that allows the employee to learn and master new skills. This could be in addition to those that are required for the current role. The flexibility to steer through your course and find the best way to contribute will be the role of your mentors who see in your growth the company’s growth. In this journey you will work with other smart engineers like you from great colleges.

Finally, at Algonox it is about the well being of our employees. We believe there should be fun too. You will be a part of that excitement too as a part of the Algonox family!

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