ACE Cosmos

One-stop hybrid for intelligent data management platform

Leverage Big data and Machine learning together to thrive in the world of multiple domains and provide a single source of truth to all your business stakeholders.

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The only Data Management Platform
you’ll ever need.

Designed to elastically scale throughput and storage that binds your systems and information together. Single source of truth for your data-driven digital transformation, providing trusted, accurate and complete data for any of your needs.

Master Data

Master Data Management

Acquire and access data quickly no matter its source (Structured, Unstructured) and make any required corrections. Easily enrich master data records with data from external users. Create a trusted Golden data for analytical and operational use cases and deploy on-premises with confidence.

Key outcomes achieved with MDM

  • Data Quality
  • Data Deduplication
  • Data Governance
  • Single View of the data- Golden Dataset

Data Lake

Overcome your data challenges with this module which drives multiple data streams real-time or batch-wise into a single data platform. Provides a highly scalable environment to support extremely large data volumes, accepting data in its native format from a variety of multiple data sources.

Key outcomes achieved with Data Lake

  • Single Storage hub for all data streams
  • Fault tolerance and available golden data for analytical and operational use cases.
  • Unlimited Data Storage for internal and external departments.

Data Warehouse

Consolidated and multidimensional data view for a variety of domains to enable support for business intelligence, analytics, and reporting needs. Supports OLAP, Metadata, and Summary data sets from a variety of multiple data sources. Enable framework for dashboards, reporting, and real-time advanced analytics in a collaborative environment.

Key outcomes achieved with Data Warehouse

  • Access to data for any required Data Marts (Multi-Dimensional, Raw, and Summary).
  • Business insights for internal and external departments. (Slice, Dice, Drill-up and drill-downs).
  • Achieve a non-volatile environment that ensures that your previous data is not lost as new data is updated which separates them from operational databases.

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