Conversational AI Platform

AI Conversational Engine - Glide

Gain distinct advantage over competitors

Automate processes across your contact center with a central conversational platform hub. Leverage the world’s most powerful AI-ML-NLP algos to automate your conversations, augment your agents and deliver best-in-class experience to your customers.

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Look beyond Chatbots.
Bring in Conversational Platform

Get conversations across channels, be it Email, FB Messenger, WhatsApp or a Website and automate end-to-end incident handling with integrations with underlying systems.


Fully equipped platform with

  • In-built connectors across multiple channels for routing and responding.
  • Leading AI-ML-NLP Engines for conversation understanding and generation.
  • Integrations for Task Orchestration.
  • Live-agent Augmentation.

Glide comes loaded with the right features to turn around your CX

NLU and NLG with our cutting edge NLP Engine

Real time Live-Agent Integration

3rd party App and Database connectors

Text and Voice-Enabled conversations

Multi Language

A Few Use cases

In today's digital world don’t let surging query volume affect your customer experience negatively. Intelligently automate your entire contact centre, so that your teams can focus on things that matter - building customer relationships.

Revolutionize your marketing with AI powered conversations to increase engagement rates, automate outbound activities and track them all in real time.

Train our platform with thousands of your process documents, so that you can deploy FAQ bots across your external and internal stakeholders.