Ionic Extraction

Ionic Extraction

Unravel the mystery of extraction

Automatically fetch documents from various sources, extract the data you are looking for, and move it to where it belongs in real-time. Discover the key Ionic extraction features and start automating your business today.

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Connect any channel. Or all of them.

In-built connectors to ingest data directly from multiple sources.
So no more worries about manual data ingestion or consolidation.

3rd Party

Ingest data

Real Time.


In batches.

Extract data from any type of document.

Leverages best-in-class cognitive technologies for data capture from unstructured, semi-structured and structured document

Digital PDFs
Scanned Images
Excel sheets
Word documents

Hybrid OCR and Computer Vision

for Industry leading extraction accuracy across various document formats, templates and information from tables

NLP Engine

for understanding and extracting information from conversational texts such as email and unstructured documents

Multiple Parsers

for extracting any information from multi-templated master sheets, excel, PDFs, word documents using our unique ‘Punch card’ feature.

Intuitive training engine

for setting up documents with custom layouts

Out-of-the-box intelligence

for Invoices, POs, Checks, Bank statements and 10+ document types

Vision based algorithms

for extracting multi-page tabular line item data

Barcode, QR-code, OMR, Signature

for recognition and extraction on documents

Multi-engine Hybrid OCR

for print, hand-writing, 200 languages, on-prem and cloud support

Advanced Image pre-processing

for improving input through noise removal, deskewing, image super-resolution 

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Gain the competitive edge by discovering how Intelligent Document Processing will improve your processes, enable insight with all of your data and speed up business decisions.

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