Lucid Reconciliations

Lucid Reconciliations

The most elegant recon solution that you always needed

Reconcile millions of records from multiple data sources in minutes using our Lucid Reconciliation Engine. Bring in the most scalable automated recon platform today.

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Punch Cards

Upload various data feeds in a templated ‘Punch Card’ format that need to be reconciled. Configure to ingest feeds real time, scheduled or in batches to begin reconciliation

Recon Engine

Configure Rule-based reconciliation or AI powered NLP-based reconciliation to process millions of records. User Interface for manual-matching of any exceptions

Spark powered

big data framework for highly scalable data loads

AI Reconciliations

for ML and NLP based reconciliations in case of no available rules

Punch cards

setup thousands of data feeds in a templatized structure

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Accelerating the growth of your business requires intelligent business decisions through data. Let's explore how big data solutions can empower you to do this.

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