The interior is as beautiful as the exterior

Visually design automated workflows, set case management rules with deep customizations around document categorization, case prioritization, and access controls. Integrate with your organization’s Active directory, SSO or more.

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The most advanced workflow automation platform

BPMN 2.0 Engine

Using the de-facto BPMN 2.0 standard to create, edit, and deploy automated workflows right from the tool

Case Management

Automatically create and triage work to the right person or system and relieve your team of redundant and time-consuming tasks

Role based accesses

Integrate with your organization preferred authentication and authorization mechanism to control user-accesses and read-write privileges across the system

Configurable workflows

to create most suited user journey for your automation

Prioritization Engine

to set varied rules for cases based on priority

UI Micro-frontend

extreme customization of the visual user interface

Out-of-the box Integrations

with LDAP, SAML, OAuth, SSO for authentication


notifications via email and other platforms

Snapshot views

of end-to-end journey of case movement

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